Back in Boone: my first hurricane

I’ve never been one to willingly fly into the face of danger, but this week I got on a plane to North Carolina right as the TV anchors were beginning their breathless coverage of Hurricane Florence. Happily, Boone is in the mountains rather than on the coast, so we’re not going to suffer the 10ft storm surges or 90mph wind-lashing they’ve been warning about. But we are going to get rain. A lot of rain. It’s predicted to arrive on Sunday, about 10 inches (downgraded from the terrifying 32inches originally predicted, which, as my friend Andrew pointed out, would ‘literally wash houses away’).

Could be an interesting weekend up here in the Appalachians. Our freezer is full of frozen blueberries, so if things do get bad and the power goes out, we’re going to emerge from our basement/bathtubs with very blue tongues.